Gehring - Advanced Honing Technology

We are a globally operating machine tool company in the area of honing technology. Since 1926, the most important technical impetuses, which have made honing what it is today - a globally sought after high performance process, have come from us.

There is hardly anyone in the entire metal working industry who wants to go without the performance we offer. This is our recognition and daily incentive.

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Powertrainhone Module

The GEHRING Group offers systems for all honing requirements. The product range of the GEHRING Group includes honing machines for the machining of bores with diameters ranging from 0.8 - 2000 mm and bore lengths of up to 24000 mm. In addition to honing machines for medium to large-scale serial production, the GEHRING Group also produces honing machines for single-unit or small batch production.

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Honing Tool PT-Serie

Precision and longevity are the hallmarks of our tooling systems, ensuring cost effectiveness, optimised surfaces and the best possible bore geometries. Take advantage of the Gehring tooling system especially adapted to your application. Gehring offers you a huge range of honing tools for your process. And we also rework you old or used honing tools to extend there lifetime!

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Customer Service

Gehring Customer Service

Long-term success requires efficient products and excellent service during the entire life cycle. We offer complete support in all service matters. We support you in ensuring the productivity and efficiency of your honing machines with a broad range of services. Worldwide, over 50 experienced service technicians guarantee fast and competent help, any place and any time.

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Gehring Services for Process Development

If Job-Honing, Prototyping, Process Consultation or mechanical machining, we support you with a huge range of different types of services.

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Diato - Abrasives

Diato - Abrasives

The ideal composition and all other influencing factors to the honing process need to be coordinated in order to achieve optimal end results.

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Gehring Technology Laser-Honing

Only with trendsetting techniques, versatile process solutions and the constant development of new ideas we can meet the high demands of our customers.

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Honing Machines

Honing is a precision stock removal process for practically all raw materials. The main application is the machining of bores, but it can also be used for plane surfaces, waves or untrue bores. The product range of the GEHRING Group includes honing machines for the machining of bores with diameters ranging from 1 - 2000 mm and bore lengths of up to 24000 mm. The honing criterion is "µ". 0,1µ is the 6 hundredth share of a human hair.

For the best honediting, the construction and function of the workpiece is responsible for the cunstruction of the honing-tool and the honingstone-length. Most important is the optimized coordination of the honingstone-length and honingstone-overflow refering to the drilling-length. Also in this area our customers profit from our long-standing experience.