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Gehring L.P.

Honing technology for a higher return.

Gehring L.P. was founded in 1976 in Farmington Hills, Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit. Our 50,000 square foot facility offers a full-service machine tool operation, engineering and assembly of customer specific precision honing machines, comprehensive research and development services, contract honing, tooling rework, a highly qualified team of service technicians, as well as a large spare parts warehouse.

Additionally, our subsidiary Diato L.P. can prepare abrasives on-site.

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Gehring L.P. &
Gehring Corp. Diato L.P.
24800 Drake Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Phone: +1 (248) 427 3901
Service Team: +1 (888) 923 9760  
Fax: +1 (248) 478 9787


Gehring L.P. - Livonia
Gehring L.P. - Livonia
Gehring L.P. - Farmington Hills
Gehring L.P. - Farmington Hills

Why Gehring

Gehring L.P. – Precision is our mission.

We believe a successful enterprise is judged by many factors other than just profit.

At Gehring L.P., our vision is to successfully influence four strategic factors of our business environment: our Customer, our Employees, our Suppliers and our Society. For our Customer, our vision is to provide the most capable products and services at a fair price, delivered on time and exceeding expectation followed by exceptional support services. For our Employees, our vision is to provide a sound path for future growth, a working environment that is safe and stable, fostering open communication and trust. For our Suppliers, our vision must provide clearly defined specifications; maintain fair business practices and commit to a reputation of honor and integrity. For our Society, our vision must always strive to be a model neighbor; providing employment opportunity, a pleasing appearance and reputation for giving back to the community.

Gehring encourages a culture that empowers personal and professional growth for our employees while providing exceptional expertise in honing technologies along with the highest standard of customer service.

Products Overview

Gehring L.P. – Made in the US.

At Gehring L.P., we design and build honing machines for processing bore diameters ranging from 0,8 – 2000 mm and bore lengths up to 24 meters. Our product line ranges from highly flexible single spindle machines to multi-spindle high volume transfer machines. We achieve leadership recognition as an innovator of strategically responsive technical solutions.

Gehring L.P. provides in-house manufacturing of super abrasives by Diato L.P. Since 1979, Diato has been manufacturing a wide range of diamond and CBN abrasive products. We use proprietary metal and ceramic bonding materials for unique results and are fully equipped to supply honing stones and superabrasive products for every type of machine and tooling in use today.


Gehring L.P. – What we guarantee.

With quality the meanings and definitions are many. Typically, the term “Customer Satisfaction” is used to help companies with the performance of their quality system. Providing more or better quality features usually increases costs.

At Gehring the opposite is true. Our quality features have reduced the cost of our products and improved the capability of our systems, thus setting the standards of Customer Satisfaction. For Gehring L.P., continued improvement in our products and services is a daily activity. Defining and achieving the goals of our customers from both a cost and technology standpoint is our focus.

Contract honing

Contract honing 1

Contract honing

No production or personnel capacity? Need to hone components? As a leading provider in the field of honing technology we are best equipped to assist you with your "honing problem".

The advantages of contract honing are obvious: Savings on the large investment costs associated with an extended machinery, on additional personnel resources both operationally and administratively as well as on structuring of additional processes. Keep your production lean and able to react to the ever faster changing market demands with Gehring contract honing. With our comprehensive machinery we are able to machine your workpieces cost-effectively, fast and accurate.

Contract honing 2

Your contact:
Michael Schäfer
Phone.: +1 (248) 939 6730


GEHRING L.P. - Headquarter
24800 Drake Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48335

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GEHRING L.P. - Prototyping and job honing
34481 Industrial Rd
Livonia, MI 48151

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